Tailormade Products

SQ 26 K2

A perfect potato sheeted in a slight wavy shape and filled with crunch, crispness and delicious taste. No flavours needed to enjoy this.

Big Disk

Only the most lucky potatoes get to be a Big Disk….. Crisp and crunchy with dense texture, great expansion and premium taste. It´s a win!


If you are into wholegrains, you must try this. 3 types – maize, wheat and oat – sheeted to a thin yet tasteful snack. Yum!


The melty, soft texture from SK1 in a more creative shape. A cloud, puddle or whatever you want. Veins can be other colours.

The inspiration continues....

If you didn´t find exactly what you were looking for, you should get in touch with our NPD team as we have much more to offer. We develop bespoke pellets according to your brief and offer exclusive products based on acceptable volumes. 

Please reach out using the contact information here