Food Industry Operator

Congratulations to Hector who just completede his education as Food Industry Operator

Certified Green

As of January 1st 2022 we have committed ourselves to only purchase certified sustainable energy (electricity).

Celebrating Our 40th Anniversary​

Since May 1st, 1981, we have developed and manufactured high quality snack pellets for customers around the world.

Organic Pellets

We are excited to say, that we have been certified with the Danish state inspection organic logo.

Halal Certified

We are proud to announce, that our products to Africa and the Middle East have been Halal certified by HQC.

Seaweed Pellets

These past months we have worked hard to develop new pellet types containing organic seaweeds. We are very excited that these will soon be launched in the Scandinavian market.

Pellets With Insects

We have now finalized the work on pellets with insect flour that we started almost a year ago, prior to Snackex 2017.