Company DNA

Company DNA

Our primary purpose is to develop and manufacture high quality snack pellets based on the finest raw materials. We continuously push ourselves to provide our customers – and ultimately the consumers – with the best possible snack options. Both in terms of taste and texture but even more so to provide healthier, clean label products. Our main focus is always to be “Developing for your benefit”.


We develop and manufacture snack pellets based on good quality raw materials and by using various extrusion processes with the primary focus being to provide the best possible eating and snacking experience for the end consumer. We primarily sell to snack manufacturers around the world who either fry or hot air expand our pellets, flavour and pack them for retail sale.


We strive to be the obvious and competitive collaboration partner for snack manufacturers who wish to develop and produce more healthy, sustainable and high quality snacks. We aim to be the preferred supplier and wish to be perceived as creative, innovative, bold and service minded. A company everybody wants to be associated with.


  • We have the utmost respect for our products and the fact that what we produce ultimately is to be enjoyed by consumers who deserve 100% product safety and the highest food quality.
  • We show respect for ourselves and our colleagues and are aware that our performance is only at its best when this respect has high priority throughout the company and we can show interest and true concern for each other.
  • We fully respect our customers, suppliers, collaboration partners and the community that surrounds us. We are dedicated to always provide swift and professional service, and we carry out all functions with honesty and credibility.
  • We learn from our mistakes. This means that we evaluate and correct actions to prevent them from happening again.
  • We are the PERSONAL experience. We prioritize a close and personal connection with customers and suppliers. We are easy to reach and hands on with all tasks.

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