Standard Products

Certified Organic Denmark
EU Organic Certified
Optional for gluten free


The 1962 original. A bubbly sensation on your tongue. Go neutral, salty or with your favourite seasoning. Everything works!

Melty ( Prawn Cocktail)

Fizzy, melty, and a small work of art. So complex yet so simple and overall just delicious.

ProSnacks Pea

“Pealicious” and crunchy!                    25% protein, low in salt, high in taste. It´s a win.

Plain Potato LS

Pure potato passion. Nothing but potato love squeezed into this crisp and crunchy square.

Plenti Curls

Lentil love with 15% protein. Enjoy the crunch and beautiful expansion both as a fried and hot air expanded product.

Ring / Onion Ring

Classics never die….. You merely have to decide whether to go for the standard version or with internal onion flavour. Up to you.

Football Black

Fancy sports? Then you must try this airy light textured product with your favourite game on.


Have you ever met a smiley face that wasn´t beautiful? And when it comes to our light yet crunchy texture, perfection is complete.

Quinoa Square

Quinoa, whole maize and yellow pea in a perfect symphony and served with a well adjusted crunch.

Vegan Pork Rind

When you want a veggie alternative without compromising on the best parts of a classic pork rind, this is it!

Organic Chickpea

Clean label – clean conscience – easy choice. This is organic maize and chickpea and no additives. Voila.


In the BFY (Better For You) category with low salt, chickpea and lentil, representing an excellent choice for both frying and hot air.

SQ 2-4

Classic Cheese Curls. Comes in several variations to fit various requirements. Light and melty just like we know and love it.


We invented the Wheel. And it works well alone and in product mixes with its crisp and crunchy texture plus great bag fill.


A perfect flower from our garden of products. Appeals to all ages. Veins can be other colours. You decide.

Bacon / Bacon B

An old friend of the house and classic product. Choose between standard Bacon with Carmine and the B version with beetroot.

SQ 1-4

Proof that a square isn´t just a square. Light yet crisp texture with slight curl when fried.


Looking for a-maize-ing taste? Look no further. 4 corn/maize types to provide a distinct and delicious bite and taste. You will be addicted.

Football Red

Up for a game? Besides the appealing and fun look, you get a light and airy product and you can actually have other colour veins.

ProSnacks LS

Pro for protein – actually 25% – in this sheeted, crispy favourite with excellent bite and taste. Some say go pro og go home. We tend to agree.

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